Marketing, Mindset & Growing your Beauty Business Online with Kelly Callaghan

On this week’s episode we have guest Kelly Callaghan, who is a beauty expert who has built a beauty business from being a mobile spray tan artist to a salon owner, online course creator and now hosts events for women who are in the beauty industry who are looking to level up their mindset and marketing skills.  Plus a some beauty hacks while in quarantine.

Kelly and Brittney discuss: how Kelly went from a mobile spray tan artist to an international educator, marketing expert and product creator.  Through Kelly’s journey they discuss how to work on your mindset, when to invest in yourself and your business. 

How to go about filling the gap you see is missing within your industry, the process of creating a beauty product- Spray tan solution. How to market your business using TikTok, and continue to level up your business.

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Here’s the deal when it comes to working from home we have the sweet, sweet gift of being our own boss. Our own HR. Our own rulebook which often times means working in what you rolled out of bed or the gym in. However, it’s easy to get in a rut and find yourself unahppy.  From my own experience, I have some easy tips for women to stay productive and happy when working from home! 

A Daily To Do List for Female Entrepreneurs.

Needing an efficient, spacious but pretty to do list to get your work and personal things done?  Girl, me too.

After a year of writing out my daily to do list in a plain college ruled notebook.  Taking bits and pieces I loved from other planners, check list and what works.  I compiled the Boss Babe To Do List.