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Interested in learning about NIZE my 8 week program built for creative entrepreneurs?  How to have 1:1 consulting with me where we do an overhaul of your business: Get your groove back, orgaNIZE your shit show and hit those goals with my HELP?! OR go the mentorship route where you implement?

NIZE might be just what you need!


Dubsado is an incredible tool for service based businesses: Photographers, Beauty Industry, Coaches with Masterminds or Courses.  Dubsado is a CRM or Customer Relationship Management System.  How cool would it be to no longer be going through your Google Forms, emailing out each individual your calendly link, then sending a proposal, a contract, an invoice, a new questionnaire, another link, an email. . . You get the drill because you are probably doing it and thinking of ALL of the to do’s of getting your client in or on board!  I can streamline that process, do a one time project and have it automated with DUBSADO! You now have a form link and boom!  It all starts being sent out from there, once they complete one task, it automatically sends them the next.  I mean ooooo-eeee!  Brenda can be doing it all at 1am and not waiting on you for the next thing, next thing you know, you know everything you need to know, she’s signed, paid and in!

Because Dubsado is so customizable to help with client onboarding or intake, it can seem like a daunting task to setup your Dubsado account creating workflows for your business.  That’s when hiring a VA to setup your Dubsado (that’s me!) comes into play.  I have created a streamlined process for getting your Dubsado account setup!

How do you hire a VA to setup Dubsado for you? How does a virtual assistant setup your Dubsado?

  • We start with a strategy call to determine what your ideal client process is.
  • Map out Workflow (Example Sheet and How to Guide sent to you)
  • Gather list of Correspondence (email copy, contract, questionnaire forms, Invoicing, etc.) and/or create anything needed for your client workflow.
  • Brand your Dubsado with your Business Logo, Emails, etc.
  • Import & create forms, emails, questionnaires, etc.
  • Scheduler set up
  • Sync Calendar
  • Client portal setup & Branded
  • Complete workflow build-out  (Automating your client process and experience.)
  • Workflow cheat sheet for you to refer back to + introduction video of your Dubsado Backend once setup is complete
  • 30 minute follow-up call within 60 days of project completion