I want to know your business. . . Background!

I come from a corporate background in Project Management & Compliance, as well as Marketing & Advertising. I started working virtually when I was Project Manager for a Sales Company and take pride in my strong communication and management skills.

After being laid off from the job, I thought had me on the path to my dream career (you know the bad ass, busy, always needed business woman) I was given the gift of FINALLY being at home with my kid(s).  I realized quickly I loved being at home (I’ve always been a hard core introvert! Anyone else?!) and most importantly putting my family first, creating my schedule, etc BUT I really really really missed working and was feeling like I was letting some of my purpose slip.  Well, thank God for technology because I slowly started to find my way back.

I started to do odd an ends to help contribute and because I loved to work.  After being in the health and beauty world as an entrepreneur I realized my marketing and advertising experience was coming through. I had a knack for listening to the audience and reaching through to them through story: graphics, words and product/services they wanted. Beautifully all my worlds collided and after helping other entrepreneurs (it started with bloggers I met online and a few of my beauty industry colleagues) with their companies my virtual assistance company was born in 2016.

As the years have progressed, I have honed in what I truly love doing and where my skills have a significant ROI for entrepreneurs I work with.  I’ve taken what I did for over 10 years in the corporate world that helped streamlined multi-million dollar companies to helping the service based entrepreneur!  Doing so with my background in compliance, research, workflow and customer relationship management.

Through all those years of forecasting business strategies for each quarter, trends and compliance changes, the same is now down while being intertwined with my creative training. Helping bloggers, coaches, mastermind hosts, beauty industry gurus with their business from CRM, Email Management, Brand deals, Course Creation, eBook Launches, Streamline Systems, Events and being your rock, your virtual cheerleader (don’t worry, my uniform was retired YEARS ago) and right hand man.

Giving you back time to doing what you love in your business, why you created it in the first place and FINALLY getting time to sit back, enjoy your success, get your creative juices flowing again BUT most importantly spend time with those you love.  You can finally put down that damn phone and be present!