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I Want to know your business. . . Background!


My name is Brittney Long {that might be a given.}  I am so blessed to have the three most amazing boys in my life; My best friend and husband {Cody} and my son {Kooper}.  We expected to be adding an addition to the family a baby GIRL in May 2016 . . . Or so we thought! We welcomed another SON {Rivers} best surprise ever!  I have learned over the past few years that there is NOTHING that is more fulfilling than being not only a wife but a mama.  I have never felt more like a woman {confident, beautiful and even at times sexy} as being in the role I am now as a wife and mom. Our little family can more times than not be found doing anything outdoors.  We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Utah.  The mountain range is practically our backyard!! With the mountains so close we are often exploring them; Riding horses, camping, hunting or fishing, you name it.

Brittney Long About Family PictureGrowing up I would have been considered a tomboy, I love(d) dirt, camouflage, hunting {I am an avid bow hunter}, and sports.  I still love all these things but have found who I truly am; Being able to enjoy all the things that make me “tough” or a “tom boy” and then later cleaning up like you wouldn’t believe 😉 I enjoy all things creative {Beauty, Cooking, writing, photography and DIY} and not only did I grow up outdoors, but I have grown up with a DIY attitude.  I learned from my parents how to envision, create and then enjoy the success of whatever you have built or refinished. There is nothing like looking back at something and saying “I did that!”

I have always loved to cook but once Kooper was born, my love to create healthy clean food for my family ignited.  My goal is to show my family and others that healthy and/or clean eating is “normal”, it can be easy, fun and still have our indulgences too! I can proudly say that because this has been my goal from the beginning, I now have one of the best eaters around, and he is willing to give anything a try.  He is still a kid, but there are times he reaches for fruit or veggies instead of the processed treats. I want to share my recipes and fun family kid activity ideas with everyone out there and to help inspire!

When working in the corporate world, I couldn’t help but look out of that glass tower after reaching what I thought were my career goals realizing I was unhappy, unfullfilled and not living out my purpose. The worst part, I was missing out on being a mom and wife.  I began my Beauty Artistry business and organically my two worlds from creative to business beautifully collided.  I lauched my Online Project Management business because of that.  With both clients and I always chatting about all the incredible must haves, must dos, tips and tricks.  The blog was born as a central place for everyone to reference all of my goodies, to connect and honestly my outlet.  My online baby. –That transformed into the PODCAST: GRIT & GRACE with Brittney Long   

I love sharing all my creations, tips/tricks, ideas, dreams and our family with everyone. This is why I created first created a blog turned Podcast.  I wanted to have one central place to share all those ideas and creations going through my head! This is a place for wife’s, mama’s, women and girls to connect that enjoy all things life has to offer.  I don’t have just one niche, a niche isn’t who I am. I am outspoken, honest, vibrant, loud, creative, dirty, adventurous, full of sweet dance moves and songs, often times a smart ass . . . and occasionally a hot mess, BUT this is ME!   

GRIT & GRACE was to create space where I believe women need to and want to be inspired, entertained and informed: A place for small town girls with big city dreams. The introverts that want to explore the world, crush their goals, take care of themselves but also, cuddle up at night with those they love in their “safe space”. Exploring all things female: beauty, health, life, wellness, outdoors, friendship and of course entrepreneurship.

REAL life girlfriend chats. A virtual friend who discusses it all! We have real conversations, ask real questions and get real answers from professionals and have personal conversations too!

Where our listeners will learn from female entrepreneurs: How did they get to where they are? What systems do they use? How is it building a business and working from home? OR want to learn more about S*x Ed? Us too! We ask all the questions you might be embarrassed to ask or have the conversations that let you know you aren’t alone with medical professionals! We chat with authors of our favorite books. Female outdoors-man or outdoors-woman. From getting dirty outdoors, our hunting experiences, tips, tricks, favorite equipment, why we love harvesting our own meat to then cleaning up with our favorite beauty products. This is our space.

I feel that by hearing real, raw conversations and teachings from women that made a leap to chase their dreams, they’ll be encouraged to step out of fear and into faith — and have the tools to do so. Knowing they aren’t alone!

Wondering who’s BRITT behind GRIT & GRACE with Brittney Long?

Hey, it’s me Brittney but we are basically friends now so you can call me Britt. I thought I’d introduce myself with 10 Facts.

▪️Yes, this is ALL my hair!

▪️I LOVE all things beauty but am a total Tom Boy!  I was bullied as a kid about my love for camo pants, Hanson Brothers (MmmBop!) T-Shirts and my love for the outdoors.  Which leads me to the next one. . . ▪️I found my love for makeup when I realized it was ART . . .on faces.  Each canvas was different.  I could enhance what my mama gave me, still be ME but bring out that inner confidence to learn to not care.

▪️I have always been a entrepreneur at heart. Studied marketing and advertising, ended up in the corporate world as a Compliance Director and when I was laid off it was blessing in disguise — pushed me to start my Beauty Artistry business @bohobeautes and then find my love for collaborating EVERYTHING I’m passionate about into an Online Business Management career. Where I’m now taking all of my strategies and using them into my business/podcast.

▪️I may have a full face of makeup on but I’m more than likely to be found in workout clothes, a bun, a ball cap, vintage tee, jeans or all black.

▪️Wednesday Addams and Harley Quinn are my spirit animals. I’m basically their long lost cousin. #FamilyReunion2020

▪️I’m an avid bow hunter and a hippy when it comes to my food, my products and how the body works.

▪️I splurge on makeup products that are well worth it, will last or are tools, but have found AMAZING drugstore items that are my ride or dies.

▪️I am a mama of 2 incredible boys. My oldest (6) is one of my best friends!  We were told we were having a girl for our last (1) kiddo up until the moment he was delivered, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have gotten a BOY instead.  #RIPAllThePinkIWashed You can see more of us @brittney.long
▪️I’ve always felt God leading me to helping other women encourage other women and after life’s curve balls, all my talents and career paths collided to helping like minded driven women like you make your business, dreams and passions come to life. Eeek!!

Want to know more? Feel free to email me or set up a time for a virtual coffee.

Extra fact, I Loooove Coffee and a good glass of wine.