Here’s the deal when it comes to working from home we have the sweet, sweet gift of being our own boss. Our own HR. Our own rulebook which often times means working in what you rolled out of bed or the gym in. However, it’s easy to get in a rut and find yourself unahppy.  From my own experience, I have some easy tips for women to stay productive and happy when working from home! 

Ever have that moment when all of a sudden you’re out of EVERYTHING to get ready?!  Yeah, that was me this week.  Everything ran out at once.  (WHY?!!)  But this girl has to get ready for certain things, dark spots need to be covered.  Eyebrows need to be filled.  You get the gist.  I know I am not the only one who runs into this problem, so I figured I’d give you a few of my hacks for getting ready even when your out of the usual.